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Pricing Policy

Our pricing policy that we display on the website is designed to give you an idea of what a particular piece will cost from. In working these prices out we have based this on a minimum quantity and these vary from piece to piece. Normally 25 for dining chairs and dining side chairs, 15 for stools and 10 for upholstered lounge chairs and sofas. In no way are these prices an official quotation and where applicable we have priced everything excluding the fabric or as we have termed this, in Customers Own Material

With regards to table tops and bases we have based this on a minimum quantity of 15. The pricing of table bases we have priced using the least expensive option, so all bases are priced in a black powder coat.

If a chair or sofa is shown on our website and there are multiple options of either back, whether it be a plain back or deep button back we will have used the plain back price. If there are multiple options on a specific dining chair, for instance with regards to legs we will use the least expensive option.

We hope by giving an indication on the prices our clients will find this useful and relevant to their project.

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