• Contract Built

    - It has been our mission to deliver well-built quality products for our clients, with this we start from the ground up, creating strengthened contract frames made from dried beech wood, especially processed for extra strength and long lasting. Providing you with a wide verity of material choices, from quality leather to crib 5 fabrics & velvets, ensuring each material you chose is covering all aspects, including long life time & outstanding quality.



    - By working with a wide range of suppliers, we’re capable of offering you limitless ways of finishing your furniture, either it being, colour chosen strip studs, choices of individual studs ranging from large medium and small, options such as pipping, and ply grips allowing a clean finish are also available !



    - Lastly your capable of changing each design from being plane back to float buttons and even deep buttoned, we believe these options are essential when comes to creating your desired furniture piece. PS Contract Furniture carefully choses their seamstresses to allow clean finish stich details which also can be requested from diamonds, to stripes just send us a picture and we will advise!



    Please be aware each change can affect the price.