Policy goals:

• To build and maintain a workplace environment and culture that supports healthy lifestyle choices.

• To increase worker knowledge and awareness of health and wellbeing issues and healthy lifestyle behaviors.

• To facilitate workers' active participation in a range of initiatives that support health and wellbeing.


Policy objectives:

• To encourage workers to be more physically active by making provisions in the workplace for activity opportunities (including reducing sitting time were relevant and practical).

• To provide healthy eating choices in the workplace through addressing healthy physical settings, such as food storage and preparation; food access and supply; and education.

• To promote a smoke-free work environment and support workers to quit smoking.

• To promote worker social and emotional wellbeing through workplace practices and policies.

• To provide access to information and resources that increase worker knowledge and awareness around key health areas, including the risk associated with alcohol consumption.

Policy responsibility:

Workers are encouraged to:

• Understand this policy and seek clarification from management when required.

• Consider this policy while completing work-related duties and at any time while representing the organization.

• Support fellow workers in their awareness of this policy.

• Support and contribute to providing a safe, healthy, and supportive environment for all workers.

Managers have a responsibility to:

• Ensure all workers are made aware of this policy.

• Actively support and contribute to the implementation of this policy, including its goals and objectives.

• Manage the implementation and review of this policy

Policy Communication:

• All workers receive a copy of this policy during the induction process.

• This policy is easily accessible by all members of the organization.

• Workers are informed when a particular activity aligns with this policy.

• Workers are empowered to actively contribute and provide feedback to this policy.

• Workers are notified of all changes to this policy.


Policy Monitoring and Review:

• This policy will be reviewed annually.

• The effectiveness of the policy will be assessed through feedback from workers and management, and a review of the policy by management and committee to determine if objectives have been met and to identify barriers and enablers to ongoing policy implementation.