PS Contract Furniture Ltd is not required to produce a modern slavery statement under the provisions of the Modern Slavery Act 2015. However, the Company recognizes the importance of this new legislation and is pleased to set out

its commitment to counteracting modern slavery, the fastest growing crime worldwide. The Company will do all it can to encourage and support other businesses especially those businesses in the supply

chain, to join the fight against modern slavery. The Company wants clients to know that they can buy with confidence from an ethically responsible, Modern Slavery

Act compliant business. PS Contract Furniture Ltd has partnered with a specialist anti-trafficking social enterprise organization to ensure that the Company remains properly informed and equipped to ‘modern slavery proof’ its



Our modern slavery commitment.


We commit to protect/support our employees and business against the threat of modern slavery; We use our commercial and relational influence to encourage suppliers to adopt a similarly ethical position;

We strive to increase transparency across our business and supply chain making it more difficult for Modern Slavery to exist within our spheres of influence and control;

We continuously review policy to ensure it identifies and mitigates Modern Slavery threats wherever they may occur;


About our business.


The Company is a UK manufacturer of contract furniture for leading pub, bar and restaurant groups. It is a medium-sized business which is operated and managed from a 1000 meters squares, site located at Mossley where it employs approximately twenty staff. PS Contract Furniture supply chain has just over twelve regular suppliers which are primarily based in the UK. A small number of suppliers operate from Central and Eastern Europe.


Due diligence.


Stanislaw Robert Poleszak, Managing Director of PS Furniture believes that Modern Slavery is a challenge facing every modern business and not just those few that were specifically obligated under the Modern Slavery Act. He wants

the Company to provide a positive example to other businesses in this sector but also to provide leadership within the supply chain where he believes that there is a huge opportunity to influence suppliers positively.


Stanislaw Robert Poleszak and the senior management team are committed to maintaining a slavery-free workplace. Angie believes however that there are synergies that can be unlocked when working collaboratively with

suppliers and clients. Dave Chapman is the company’s Health, Safety, and Environmental Consultant. He is also the single point of contact (“SPOC”). Dave has enhanced knowledge and understanding of modern slavery issues and

threats, his knowledge and experience come from 6 years as a trustee of Safe and Free and provides support for the rest of the management team as required.


The Company has partnered with Dave, who has extensive experience in the identification, rescue, and prevention of human trafficking. The Company can readily access specialist advice and support if faced with a specific modern

slavery issue. This partnership has also enabled innovative approaches to staff training, transparency, and our internal and external auditing activities.


The Company mapped its business activities to identify those areas of operations that have the greatest risk of exposure to the modern slavery threat.


The Company has held modern slavery training courses in which it trained all staff from roles considered to be at greater risk of slavery.


All staff including managers in these higher-risk areas of operation have now been trained. They understand the extent to which this threat affects their industry, how they could recognize a victim, and what to do if they have suspicions.

A single point of contact (SPOC) Dave Chapman, has also been trained and can support gatekeeper managers and any other staff members about a modern slavery issue or concern.


All new staff is inducted by the SPOC who provides training materials and briefings in which their knowledge and understanding are tested.


New policies are written to leverage synergies for modern slavery prevention. In this way, the organization was able to more rapidly implement effective slavery prevention activities and audits.


The Company worked with Dave Chapman and accept unannounced internal staff audits of all employees to spot signs of slavery and substance dependency.


The Company has acted to reduce risk within its business and supply chain by increasing transparency. This was achieved by installing an independently run and managed Modern Slavery reporting mechanism which is accessible

from the Company website and which is embedded into their modern slavery statement.


A high-level risk assessment has been undertaken across the supply chain for suppliers with an overall spend of £1000 or more. The supply chain has been further dissected into higher and lower-risk businesses. The Company is

satisfied that it has been able to reduce the threat from its higher risk businesses through the communication of its values and expectations and from assurances and commitments received via the Requests for Information.


The Company uses its commercial and relational influence to encourage suppliers to commit to working with PS Contract Furniture Ltd. In this way, higher-risk businesses will be able to evidence the steps they have and will be taking which mitigates its risk.