For big project schemes, we are prepared to provide you with a chair sample that shows what we are capable of, as we believe this is beneficial before ordering a large number of quantities as it builds your confidence when delivering a project but.

A sample is a key to a never-ending development, showing our client what the product looks like once it is built, opens up doors for discussions allowing space for improvements, change in details, and provides a path for the final finished version



PS Contract Furniture decided to keep all the manufacturing process in-house meaning our company is built up from joinery, upholstery, polishing & sewing departments, With Each piece being handmade we truly believe our attention to detail is irreplaceable. This allows us to share full control over the furniture with our clients.


PS Contract Furniture is a team of highly skilled craftsmen who are capable of creating every piece of furniture from data provided by the clients, to build trust with our client’s PS Contract Furniture allows company visits, having open doors viewing process of your designed furniture being built. 


From having such freedom, we develop an everlasting bond with our clients, making sure each feature is finished perfectly for each client, resulting in appreciated expressions of happiness when receiving our furniture pieces. 


Advice and recommendations for new ideas to meet client specifications

Technical advice on latest product knowledge and furniture Recent trends

Dedicated project management to meet deadlines & provide supervision on site.

Sample swatches, of wood polish, fabrics, leathers, styles, and stud finishings.

Site survey where necessary using cutting-edge laser tools to measure accurately.

Indoor and outdoor chairs sourced from trusted relations and manufactured in house within the UK.

Metal work manufactured within cooperations locally to ps contract furniture, quality inspected and approved by many.