PS Contract Furniture decided to keep all the manufacturing process in house meaning our company is built up from joinery, upholstery, polishing & sewing departments, With Each piece being handmade we truly believe our attention to detail is irreplaceable.  This allows us to share full control over the furniture with our clients.


PS Contract Furniture is a team of highly skilled craftsmen which are capable of creating every piece of furniture from data provided by the clients, to build the trust with our client’s PS Contract Furniture allows company visits, having open doors viewing process of your designed furniture being built. 


From having such a freedom, we develop an everlasting bond with our clients, making sure each feature is finished perfectly for each client, resulting in appreciated expressions of happiness when receiving our furniture pieces. 


Starting from humble beginnings, right back to when Robert established PS CONTRACT FURNIUTRE. One of the most critical moments of the company, yet exciting as late hours, days and nights were on the right path of developing a strong purposed company, recently having such a high reputation for creating quality well-made furniture. 


PS Contract Furnitures early days were involved in sub - contracting for large companies known within the furniture industry.  Gaining experience and sharpening our skills PS CONTRACT FURNITURE gained more confidence, moving up from bars, restaurants & pubs to now challenging our team into Hotel industry. Finding it relatively exciting we look forward realising more plans & more projects, extensively bringing each to life.

We are proud to say PS Contract Furniture has accomplished one of set goals already! Recently moving into a bigger, brighter & more professional warehouse. We are now approaching more opportunities holding better facilities allowing us to experiment more and express what we stand for. From this we are prepared to take on any size projects from large to small treating each as seriously and completing them to best of our standards.


Although our company is relatively new within the industry, we hold on 40 years of experience. Robert being involved within the furniture industry all his life; we have a very competitive approach to relative companies within the industry. Having such a strong advantage we are capable of carrying out furniture pieces not possible to our competitors. For recent pictures please view our gallery.


Advice and recommendations for new ideas to meet client specifications

Technical advice on latest product knowledge and furniture Recent trends

Dedicated project management to meet deadlines & provide. supervision on site.

Sample swatches, of wood polish, fabrics, leathers, styles, and stud finishings.

Site survey where necessary using cutting-edge laser tools to measure accurately.


Indoor and outdoor chairs sourced from trusted relations and manufactured in house within the UK.

Metal work manufactured within cooperations locally to ps contract furniture, quality inspected and approved by many.



Manufactured in house for specific measurements or on site to specification given by our team.

Approved for quality and attention to detail by our clients.

Wide range of styles and adjustments of personalisation.


Helping out on site through the delivery by special PS Team.

Scheduled deliveries to suit your project programme,

Experienced delivery team

Placement of furniture to the plan and clearance off all access bits.



In order for you to make the correct choice when picking your furniture , we can arrange to deliver a sample products to your own premises for you to view and assess before purchasing


 To all of our clients we advise to come in our company and experience the process of furniture being made and to visit our show room filled with sample pieces priding in our work.

How to order.

-  Select your products from one of our collections in our leaflets or this              website. It is important to provide us with the correct product code in              order for us to have the correct information.

-  Chose your fabric from swatches provided and the colour in which you            are interested,

 - Choose a wood finish from our standard range to complement your fabric     choice or overall scheme. if you have a specific idea of what colour                   you'd like us to match then please provide us with a sample.


- ​For us to start building your furniture you will receive a purchase order             with a 50% up front policy for first clients , it is important you provide us           with the correct details and delivery .


- Contact our customer services department if you require delivery outside       our standard delivery terms, or if you require any further information,

- Please double check your order details as amendments or cancellations         may incur a further charge.


- All orders can be made through phone or email in contact with our team.

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