Bespoke Furniture



Dedicated to stunning ideas and design innovation in contract furniture. We supply for restaurants, bars, hotels, offices, as well as architects and designers. Ever since doing what we love, our company has been recognised for the exceptional quality and pride in its products. 

The approach to our clients is simple: we listen, we interpret, we deliver. 


PS CONTRACT FURNITURE has the skills needed to reach true design proportion in manufacturing a furniture piece exactly as provided example image. 


We are manufactures of classic, traditional, contemporary furniture, fixed seating, outdoor and reclaimed furniture. We are also a supplier of tabletops and condiment units. This is all possible thanks to the Company’s substantial manufacturing capabilities.



We have learned the language of each designer individually that we surround ourselves with. We have our principles and sensibilities that ultimately enable us to produce pieces in our way, plus the delivering and managing of our orders is a creative process itself and one we are madly proud of.

We work with our clients, on what is the initial idea, developing and triggering an open discussion, which forms part of the product development. providing the possibility of change, allowing our clients to have full control over their design brief, and the direction in which they want to push their project.

We has always focused on direct contact with the client,  at all stages of the manufacturing process to ensure all expectations are managed and met throughout concept to completion.  To see the process first hand we allow you to come & visit our company, as we believe this builds confidence and trust within the working relationship. 

We pride ourselves on meticulous detail and valuable experienced craftsmanship. Combined with cutting-edge technology, we create unique and timeless bespoke furniture designs all over UK.


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